Great news! Chocolate is good for your skin!

Seriously! In a recent issue of Dermascope — a professional skincare journal — there was a great article about the benefits of cocoa beans. Fresh cocoa beans are rich in antioxidants, in fact one of the richest food sources out there with 10,000 milligrams of flavanol antioxidants for ever 100 grams of cocoa. That doesn’t mean you should go rushing to the candy aisle but it does explain the recent trend of cocoa based on products you see on the market.  The research on the benefits of cocoa for skin are mixed but one study conducted in Germany found improvements in skin roughness, scaliness and moisture among women who drank cocoa with higher levels of antioxidants compared to those who drank cocoa in low levels.  And there have been studies that show the health benefits of dark chocolate. So if it’s good for your skin too, all the better!


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