Trend Alert: Bar Soap

Have you recently swapped out pricey body washes for more environmentally friendly and inexpensive bars of soap? Well, then you’re part of a growing trend among skin care consumers that’s been recently reported in the New York Times and Glamour magazine. More and more women are shunning body wash in favor of a good old bar of soap. Not only have new soap formulas blasted to bits the myth that bar soap dries out your skin, many consumers are making the switch largely for environmental reasons since bar soaps requires so much less packaging than body washes in plastic bottles.

It’s ironic to come across this now since I’m also experimenting with bar soaps as part of my skin treatment offerings. I’ve recently discovered a small business in Fresno where they make hand-crafted shea butter soap in their barn. These folks grow many of the ingredients for the soap right on their farm. Shea butter is about the best thing you can use on your skin and I am totally excited to see how well these bar soaps work.

Do you use bar soap? What’s your favorite brand? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!


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