Thrilled to offer new BioActive Peel treatments

Now is the perfect time to try Dermalogica’s first-ever chemical peel, the new BioActive Peel. And I am so excited to be certified to now offer this amazingly effective new treatment to my clients!

This revolutionary new exfoliant system addresses a diverse array of conditions. Skin is smoother, hyperpigmentation fades, and the appearance of fine lines and acne-related inflammation is reduced. The four-step program offers many of the same benefits as more traditional peels but with little down time and limited redness. Some flaking will occur, a necessary step to reveal the brighter, softer and smoother skin beneath. Several clients have posted pics of their skin before and after the peel on Facebook and the results are impressive.

Active ingredients include salicyclic and lactic acids in combination with natural enzymes like pumpkin and papaya to stimulate natural collagen production. This unique blend of ingredients is the result of years of research by Dermalogica to develop a professional-strength peel.

Learn more about the BioActive Peel.


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